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The Mitchells vs the Machines / Sony Pictures Animation

Abbi Jacobson goes 2 for 2 in positive LGBTQIA+ representation with Sony Pictures Animation’s The Mitchells vs the Machines.

When thinking of the best actress to play an uber-liberal, prestigious film school bound queer lead, the damsel (not in distress) of Abbi Jacobson (of infamous Tiabeanie descent) could play no greater part. The family is under numerous fractured dynamics in Lord and Miller’s latest animated adventure, The Mitchells vs the Machines. Ingulfed in the online video craze of her generation, Katie Mitchell (voiced by Jacobson) seeks to break away from her handyman father (voiced by Danny McBride) in pursuit of…

Mortal Kombat fire attack
Mortal Kombat fire attack

To those who suffered through the comical letdowns of the previous two adaptations of the storied fighting saga, last Friday’s release of Mortal Kombat was a breath of fresh air.

Covering all but the titular tournament itself, Simon McQuoid’s directorial debut of the cherished game series restores faith in the potential for film adaptations of video games, especially with HBO’s The Last of Us and Sony’s Uncharted in the not-to-distant future. …

Earwig and the Witch cover image
Earwig and the Witch cover image
Earwig / Studio Ghibli

Ghibli’s foray into the world of CG was met with stunning disapproval this past week. A quick look on your favorite review site likely reads along the lines of “lacking emotion” or “80 minutes built up to nothing”. While not as adventurous as “Castle in the Sky” nor emotional as “Only Yesterday,” “Earwig and the Witch” paints a opportunistic reprieve for an orphaned child that earns its keep among the ranks of cherished Ghibli works.

Gorō Miyazaki was tasked with no easy challenge — converting Ghibli’s cherished tradition of superb storytelling and revered traditional animation into a modern visual style…

Disenchantment Part 3: A Bi-Con 3 Years in the Making

Mora the Mermaid

When December came around, I anxiously scoured the web for the release date of the next part of Matt Groening’s latest fantasy comedy that was due to be released by year’s end. Seeing the release date not pop up until the streamer’s January dates shot me with pain as well as relief — perhaps the delays were to devoting more time towards a well-rounded season. I was wrong.

Part 3 suffers from the same issue that plagued is predecessors: consistency. Part 1 ended in climatic reunion of mother and daughter…

(may be bought out by the time you see this)

“Quick bites”. Quibi. You got it, right? Most don’t.

Somewhere in a chic Palo Alto standing-desk-only room was born this “forward-thinking” streaming service for the generation that’s constantly moving who needs something to do in that 10-minute void while waiting for a train or sitting on the loo avoiding your obligations at the office. Problem is, anyone who lives within a few hours of any major transit hub is quarantined in their home with hours (weeks, rather) to kill for the foreseeable future. But even if they weren’t, Quibi doesn’t have a place on their home screen. …


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